Kommonwealth beta: a skin builder for WordPress

By <gregory@redwerks.org>

Kommonwealth is an online skin builder that allows you to create any design you can dream up using our easy to use point and click web builder. Export your work as a standard WordPress theme.

Kommonwealth contains specific components to allow for advanced CMS system styling. You can create a template for Drupal or create a theme for WordPress and take advantage of tens of thousands of plugins and features.

Kommonwealth uses specific CMS components like site header, title, footer, etc, to easily create and style industry leading web systems. For example, add a menu and style it to your exact specifications with Kommonwealth point and click features. Then export your site as a WordPress theme and WordPress will automatically dynamically populate the menu you created. You can also create advanced layouts and specify where you want the CMS to add content to your design.

In addition to providing the basic building block for style, Kommonwealth also provides pre-made elements to style common web features.

For example, all of the standard buttons states listed in an easy to understand design pallets. As with all Kommonwealth elements this can also be selected and broken apart into more complex style components for more control. Even these advanced styles remain point and click.

We will soon be releasing additional User Interface elements such as tabs, accordions, carousels, galleries, and other modern UI components designed to make your sites more dynamic.

Create any styles and layout you want be it margins, padding, background, lines, positioning, and of course much more. This applies to static page elements as well as dynamic ones such as the hover style of a button and what shape, style, thickness, and corner you want to put on a drop-down menu.

All style features are point and click driven with simple text input options, menus, and buttons allowing you to create complex CSS without the need to enter a single line of code.

What’s created isn’t some internal system language. It’s proper valid CSS that you can export and use on any server. You could even open your export in your favourite editor like Dreamweaver to  make additional edits.

Kommonwealth contains several design focused tools that make building pages easier for designers. For example, “autoselect” (a common Adobe Photoshop tool) allows Kommonwealth users to move thier mouse across the page to click on any item they wish to work on.

Say you want to change the colour of a colour bar. You can click “autoselect” click on the bar you want to change and the element will highlight in the development menu. From here you can use the controls to change shape, colour, outline, etc, and see the results in real time. Create style rules that you can use across the site. For example, you can set the image, colour, text, hover, drop-down, etc of a button once and it will be automatically applied every time you add a new button to your site. Our CSS follows standard practice. You can go back at any time to edit these rules to create instant change across your design. The Kommonwealth style system also allows you to click and break out any style component for maximum customization. Hover over an element you want to change, click, and choose the specific element you want to style right down to the outline style, colour, shape, thickness, etc, of anything that appears on your site.

Kommonwealth allows you to easily nest containers or other elements inside each other for complete style control. A visual dynamic diagram shows you where you have placed each element and a single click produces a style pallet to make modifications.You can also click to copy any single component as well as change the order of elements including the ability to change the position on the page and the nested order of each element. As you hover over each icon in the diagram the webpage highlights to show exactly where your elements are on the designed page.